We all need to choose the best energy-saving lighting options for our home. While we choose these lighting fixtures, we need to understand their basic principles and terms. We need to understand that all the lighting techniques work hand in hand with lighting fixtures to create the kind of lighting strategy for our home.

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Below is the list of different types of lighting fixtures that would go with your beautiful home:

  1. Pendant: This kind of lightings is seen hanging from the ceiling and they direct the light downwards. It can be seen in the kitchen or over the table.

  2. Wall Scones: These are mounted to the wall surface and they emit light either upwards or downwards or in both directions. This will add style to space.

  3. Valance lighting: These are mounted high up on the wall in a horizontal shield which is either metal or wood. They would emit light both upwards and downwards.

  4. Track lighting: It is a linear cable that is mounted on the wall with several adjustable heads all along the track.

  5. Chandeliers: the most beautiful decorative piece, which is hung on the ceiling. They are used at the entry, hallway, or on a table.

  6. Ceiling: This kind of lighting has a plastic or a glass shade that hides the bulb. They can be used for a longer time as they have a good lifeline.

  7. Recessed: This lighting is installed above the ceiling and its opening is created on the ceiling. They will display the light in one direction

  8. Under-cabinet: These are fixed under the cabinet in the kitchen

  9. Floor Lamps: They are all installed on the floor and are available in different sizes, shapes, and heights.

  10. Wall grazers: These lights are placed near the wall as they give more attractions to the statues and carvings. They are mostly mounted on or above the ceiling.

  11. Wall washers: One good thing about wall washers are they hide blemishes on the wall. They are mounted high above the ceiling.

Lights are used for various reasons. It provides a general illusion for our daily activities, especially outdoors where it is required for our safety and security. It is also helpful to draw the attention of people visiting your home to certain items in your house. It improves the quality of your indoor and outdoor environment.

Hence, it is important to choose the right kind of light for your home or any other space. Special places like the kitchen, bathroom, or dining room may need special lights to keep the attention on the specific area. Hence, it is important to choose the right kind of light for your home or any other space.