Are you interested to renovate your home? If you want to get your windows replaced with a new one then there are plenty of options available to choose from. However, you may find that both bay and also bow windows can offer the look of an open room and at the same time add to your space an attractive focal point. Both bay and also bow windows may have a few unique attributes, advantages, and that may also be perfect for the unique style of your project. You may contact a window company in Calgary like Window Mart to get customized Canadian windows that can also suit your building project. In this article, let us compare these 2 luxurious-looking windows so that you can choose the right one for your renovation project.

  1. Design Although both types of windows are quite suitable for almost all styles of home, but they will look a little more fitting in a certain type of home. The flat panels and angular lines of contemporary bay windows will suit the exterior architecture more for modern homes and the rounded, and semi-circular bow windows will suit more in the architecture of Victorian-style homes.

  2. Floor space Bay windows can provide more amount of floor space, but both windows are quite suitable for adding box types of window seats. This will add usable space and will create a little more spacious appearance.

  3. Wall space Although both windows will need the same height for installation, however, there is a little difference in the amount of width needed. Usually, bay windows may use more space from the home’s exterior to accommodate all the protruding windows.

  4. Light Both bow and bay windows may allow more amount of natural light into space but bow windows will allow a little more light as compared to typical bay design. That also has to do with more number of windows used and the way they may have curves around. The additional light will surely help to brighten up the room.

  5. Controlling airflow In both types of window designs, it is possible to incorporate sashes that can move up or down or also swing inward or outward. However, owning more windows with any bow window, you can have better control over the direction and amount of the airflow. This arrangement can work well if there is a little rain falling as those windows that are closer to the walls will be covered.

  6. Curves rather than angles Another difference is that bay windows are more angular. Since any typical bow windows will use more sashes, hence the angles are a little less severe and more like a curve. Outside your gentle curve can also help to offset a few of the sharp angles that are often found on the exterior.

  7. Number of windows to be used Both bow and bay types of windows will extend outwards but the window numbers used will vary. Any bay window has got a larger central window that is flanked by 2 narrower windows. Often bow windows are constructed by using 5 or 6 windows of uniform size.