In the B2B space, the target audiences are smaller and more niche-specific. It can become difficult for companies to increase their brand awareness. It requires more knowledge of the needs and pain points of the buyers.

Marketers do not have the accurate data required to connect their marketing campaigns to appropriate levels of brand awareness. In this article, we will learn how a brand tracker can use brand tracking data to make larger and improved campaigns that benefit the entire company.

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Importance of a brand tracker

Brand tracker is an efficient tool that lets the company track the general public and audiences in varying niches simultaneously. It will help in finding which audience is the most receptive to the campaigns. It also offers them a real advantage to enhancing ROI in the future.

A brand tracker displays this information on a real-time basis. It will help firms to decide the right areas to focus their brand awareness campaigns to achieve the highest ROI.

Types Of Brand Awareness

• Brand recall and brand recognition are the two commonest types of brand awareness that companies would want to build. Brand Recognition is when the audience can recognize your brand and what you do by seeing the brand logo or hearing its name.

• Brand Recall, is when any subject reminds people about your brand. A few other types of brand awareness are: • Brand Image • Brand Trust • Brand Loyalty, and • Customer Profile Companies that have been successfully invested their time, money, and effort to achieve these goals, and track and maintain them consistently.

How can a brank tracker improve brand awareness?

Track competitor’s performance

Brand Tracking would help in tracking the most relevant competition. It is good to keep an eye on what brand awareness campaigns that the competition is executing to refine your strategy. For improving brand awareness, it is important to not just track the performance of your business but also the competitor’s performance. It is helpful to track the niche audiences as well as competition to get greater insights into who responds to the campaigns.

Find what campaigns will work

Besides tracking competitors and audiences, a brand tracker also helps a company to see how the campaigns are performing. A brand tracker will display whether or not the brand awareness campaigns are creating the right impact.

Brand tracking software helps a company to eliminate excessive spending and guesswork. It educates brand managers to plan and launch campaigns that will result in increasing brand awareness and activate ROI through the brand funnel.


B2B marketers can’t aim for the entire general population. It is required for them to narrow down their campaigns to a specific set of niche audiences that works for them. Advanced brand trackers make use of algorithms that make for a low error margin for the most targeted audiences. Tracking of niche audiences, helps the marketer to narrow down their growth to the workable level.