A full backup is the part of recovery plan. It is a reliable strategy against apps, upgrade problems, hardware failure, malware attacks, etc. that can corrupt and damage files of Windows 10 installations. This backup is required when you want to create a complete backup of your files as well as Windows 10 setup.

System Image Backup tool is the tool that is used to perform this backup. This article will list step-by-step instructions to guide users to complete the task in the right way.

TeraByte Unlimited is a leading company in Las Vegas that has been providing a broad array of computer services including image backup for Windows 10. This software suite offers an easy means to take a complete backup of all hard drive data, operating systems, and programs.

What are the different ways to create a full back up?

If you work on Windows 10 operating system, then you get several different methods for the creation of a backup.

• Use of 3rd -party solutions • Manually copying files to an external drive • Upload files to a cloud storage service • Using the legacy inbuilt “System Image Backup” tool

What Is A System Image?

A system image contains a copy of all that is present on the computer. This includes the installation, applications, files, and settings. A system image backup tool is efficient at restoring the entire system from serious software or hardware issues when trying to switch back to the earlier Windows 10 version.

Ways To Restore Backup Using System Image Tool On Windows 10

The system image tool enables users to create a complete backup of files to a network shared folder or an external drive. Use the following steps to restore back up of your system using the tool:

• Open Settings. • Click on Update and Security. • Click on Backup. • Click the “Create a system image” option present on the left pane. • Select the “On a hard disk” option. • Select the location on the computer to export the full backup of the Windows 10 system. • Click the Next button. • Click the “Start backup” button.

The software will also prompt the creation of a rescue disk. Based on your requirement, you can proceed with or without a rescue disk.

After completing the steps, the tool creates the entire system image that comprises everything present on the primary hard disk drive and drives that you may have chosen.

Once the process finishes, the user can disconnect their external drive and store it in a secure place. If you have any valuable data, then it is beneficial to consider keeping the system backup at a different place.


If you fail to proactively create full backups, then it can cause your documents, valuable pictures, and configurations at risk. System Image Backup tool is a wonderful solution to create a complete backup of the entire system.

It is important to note that anything performed after the complete backup, such as applications, files, and settings, would not be available at the time of recovery. So, follow the above steps and take the full backup of the system in the right way.