If you have a sliding window installed in your house, then you must have experienced a few problems such as rattling, getting stuck on the track, etc. In this article, we are going to look at these common issues and offer you the right solution.

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Getting stuck

A majority of gliding windows come with single or multiple sashes that slide along metal tracks present at the top and bottom of the frame. Where the track is made up of vinyl or wood, sashes have nylon rollers on top and bottom.

When this window gets stuck, then it leads to a common issue called a dirty bottom track. The best solution to deal with this problem is to lubricate and clean the track. The rollers present on the bottom area of the sash should be cleaned as it tends to pick up dust.

A Rough-Gliding Slider

Another problem associated with a sliding window is when the slides glide roughly on the track. To remove this issue, you will first need to remove the sliding sash and any type of security devices that may have held it in place.

Now vacuum clean the track using a solvent-dampened rag. It will help remove the debris. Now remove the bottom roller and clean the space. Once cleaner, add a fresh roller unit and tighten the mounting screws. Now replace the sliding window.

A Bent Track

If your sliding window has a bent track then you need to straighten it by placing hardwood against it and tapping it with the help of a hammer. You can use pliers to do the job. However, ensure that it doesn’t create a series of tiny kinks.

A Broken Latch

If the latch gets broken and you aren’t able to grab it, then look at any obstruction present in the tracks. Check the condition of the weatherstripping, which may make the closing of the window difficult. Adjust the latch by loosening, moving, and retightening the screw. If it doesn’t work, then replace the latch.

A Rattling Window

In this case, you need to remove the old replacement insulation for the window and clean the surface with the help of a solvent-soaked rag. Now using thicker insulation, form a good seal. Try replacing the cover, and reinstalling the sliding sash. Now test if it works properly or not.

Failure of the catch

A sliding window has a latch that secures the window at the time it is closed. Sometimes it fails to function. The solution to this problem is to replace the catch.

For this purpose, you will need to find the right replacement parts based on the model and make of the unit. Based on the specs, you can contact the manufacturer to make online delivery of the required parts.


So, we have seen that various issues might crop up during the use of sliding windows. Implementing the above steps will help to solve the problem. If the above steps don’t help, then it is best to contact the manufacturer to replace the window with a new one.