Generally, people prefer to use pipes as they are quite easy to use, can easily be carried, and also they are perfect for those who prefer a solo session as well as those who like to share with friends. However, there is one downside of pipe smoking and that is pull-through.

As you try to pull very hard on any burnt herb, it will be sucked through your pipe and reach right into the mouth. Even if you are an experienced user of pipe, still it can happen. However, if you use a pipe screen, then you can prevent this to happen.

So, screen pipe has become an important accessory for glass, wood, and metal pipes. Here in this short article, we shall talk about pipe screens and also how you can choose your preferred pipe screen. You can also buy these pipe screens from Express smokeshop online.

What are the different pipe screens?

There are two different types of pipe screens available in the market:

Metal pipe screen

You can get metallic pipe screens in 3 different metals like brass, aluminum, or stainless steel. Also, metal screens have to be replaced after a regular period because over a period of time, usually, metal pipe screens get coated with a certain black resin and can close the holes.

However, in spite of these pitfalls, metal screens are still used by people as they are quite cheap and can easily be found.

Glass pipe screen

Glass screens, on the other hand, are becoming quite popular because they are not only reusable but can also save you money. They are more health-friendly alternatives to metal screens. Also, they can absorb heat because while using your smoking device, you can keep heat out as you heat your herb to create a more flavorful smoking experience.

Glass pipe screens are also long-lasting and safe to use. Although they are not that cheap like metal screens, however, glass screens can still be affordable

How to use your pipe screens

You can get metal pipe screens in different sizes that vary from 1/2” to 1”. If you use a bigger bowl then you will need a bigger screen. You need to clean your metal pipe screen more often so that the pipe screen may not get damaged and its holes may not get clogged.

You must avoid overheating your metallic pipe screen as it can not only damage the screen but also release dangerous chemicals. You must also change your metal screens frequently.

Glass screens are much easier to use and you can get them in different shapes and sizes. To use them all that you have to do is drop the screen in the hole of the bowl and then pack your tobacco.

Also, from time to time, you must remove and clean the glass screen so that resins may not get accumulated over the screen.

You need not replace the glass screens because of wear unless it gets broken. Being a fragile material, you need to be a little careful. However, it can last longer if you use them carefully.