Lithium stearate is the white crystalline powder, which is derived from the lithium hydroxide along with cooking tallow. It is often accessed as the general purpose lubricating greases. It ishighlywater resistance and extremely useful at both low and high temperature. The lithium stearate raw materialhas found huge applications in many industries such as heavy machinery, aircraft, and automotive. Besides, it is applied as a stabilizer in the plastic and cosmetic industry. It is often utilized as a corrosion inhibitor in the petroleum. Scroll down the page to know more details about the lithium stearate.

Lithium stearate – what is it?

The stearate salts such as lithium stearate, ammonium stearate, calcium stearate, and zinc stearate are fine and white powders along with a slight fatty odor. It is a chemical compound and formally categorized as the salt of the fatty acid. It is a white soft solid and being prepared by the reaction of stearic acid and lithium hydroxide. It is majorly accessed in the personal care and cosmetics products such as mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, blusher, foundation, and much more. It is also utilized in fragrances, skin and hair care products, and deodorants.

Reasons to use in cosmetic and personal care products

Look at the major reasons to access lithium stearate in the personal care and cosmetic products. • It is generally accessed for its lubricating properties • It assists to keep emulsions from separating into their liquid and oil components • It maximizes the thickness of lipid i.e. oil and then minimizes the clear and transparent appearance of the finished products

Features and benefits

Lithium stearate is general purpose and versatile grease. It is highly suggested for use in the applications where the loads and operating temperatures are moderate. This chemical compound is an extreme pressure, lithium, and multi-purposes greases developed for access in different automotive and industrial applications. This compound is manufactured with the top-quality base oils, extreme pressure, and antiwear additives. It comes along with the best load-carrying capacity for the good oxidation resistance, wear protection, and protection against corrosion and rust. This multi-purpose grease is accessed in several varieties of applications, which have extreme-pressure and antiwear properties.

Major applications

As said earlier, lithium stearate is designed to use in a wide variety of industrial equipment such as compressor plain, roller bearings, and centrifugal pumps where the loading is moderate. It renders excellent performance in the universal joints, water pumps, gearboxes, and other general shop and industrial applications. It is also accessed used in the passenger and light truck vehicles as the chassis parts.

Ensure you engage with a reputable and trusted company to purchase the lithium stearate raw material. The major supplier of the lithium stearate usually provides the high quality raw materials. It helps you to enjoy the best performance and achieves your goals easily. You should research well and read out the users’ comments before engaging with the specific supplier. Find the experience and knowledge of the supplier in this domain before joining hands.