Signed artists always leverage the powers of majors to earn money from their music. However, independent artists and music makers now have the powers of generic music distributors to leverage on. While it used to be more of a physical CD and vinyl circulation, music distribution has now fully gone digital. This means that anyone can sell music online. This is now an easy process that used to be impossible. Thanks to popular online music distributors, unsigned artists and independent music-makers can now make money from their music without living in the comfort of their basement studios.

The role of Music distributors in circulating your music

Music distributors (now mostly online platforms) can help artists send their music to hundreds of popular music streaming services and music stores. These music distributors help record labels, signed and unsigned artists distribute their music.

The distributors circulate submitted music to online streaming platforms/stores like Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and so on. They can make money for signed artists, while also helping independent and upcoming music makers to easily and quickly supply their music to various digital stores.

Some popular musical platforms

Spotify: Stockholm-based Spotify is the biggest music streaming service in the world. The platform currently has an active monthly subscriber base of more than 356 million. Artists earn $4 for every 1,000 music streams they get. A Music distribution platform can help you get your music on Spotify.

Apple Music: Apple-owned music streaming service is still a platform that pays independent artists money for their music. They are partners with Interscope Records (one of the biggest US-based music record companies) and have a subscriber base of over 60 million. You can easily get your music on Apple Music with a music distribution service.

iTunes: Apple-owned iTunes is another streaming platform that pays unsigned and independent artists for their music. It is one of the earliest digital marketplaces for music. iTunes currently accept music songs from independent artists and has more than 60 million songs in its catalogue. You can easily sell your music on iTunes with an online music distributor.

Amazon music: This is a music streaming service that was launched to help all artists make some money from their music. The platform comes with numerous features that make earning money from music a breeze. A major music distribution platform can sell your music on Amazon.

How to put your music on any streaming platform

It is usually easy to get your music on any platform. All you need is a music distribution platform. Once you get a reliable platform for distributing music, you can easily send your music to any streaming platform. This can be done in the following simple steps.

1). Sign up for an account: Choose a music streaming platform and create an account with them. 2). Upload your music: Upload your audio files and cover art onto a platform. 3). Choose the price for each music: You can choose a certain price for any specific music. 4). Choose any streaming platform/music store: Next, you are expected to choose as many streaming platforms and music stores that you wish. 5). Start receiving your royalty checks: After choosing the platforms and music stores you want your music to appear on, you are now able to start making money from your tracks.